Comments from current providers...

“I look forward to these events. The energy of the kids is so contagious. It’s a great feeling when I leave party and the kids are giving me hugs goodbye and saying thank you. I only wish I had more vacation time to use during the summer to do more bubble parties.”
- Kirk Hoslin: Imagine Music; Saint Paul, Minnesota

“My experience with the Bubble Parties has been fantastic. Being able to perform in this market has opened up a great opportunity to me. I’m able to create income during the week as well as use my interactive skills for a generation of children that otherwise don’t have the opportunity to experience such fun. There is a special feeling that is obtained when the children, parents and teachers are so delighted to see me”
- Harry Gambardella: “The Bubble Party Guy”; Meriden, Connecticut

“Bubble Parties have introduced us to a whole new market of children’s entertainment and entertainers to perform and work with. They have led us to diversification and weekday income without having to rely on bar owners or inhale smoke every night.”
Rick Haggard: DJ Bubble Parties; Charlottesville, Virginia

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  • If you answered YES to ANY or ALL of the above, then you should read this report!

If you answered YES to ANY or ALL of the above, then you should read this report!


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